Monday, 1 April 2019

I choose to be a hermit

Today I was clearing an old email address of thousands of emails going back many years and the shock of it all brought so much back to me. The Golden rule is never hang on to anything in this life especially if it is not good for you, get rid of it.

We can end up in a position later on in life where we can be surrounded with people or things that are not good for us. I feel it is wise to get rid of those things that are not beneficial to a peaceful life sooner rather than later. Sometimes it is people you have to get rid of. I have done just that over the past five years.

I live the rather quite life of a hermit these days I do not allow others into my home other than my clients.  The reason being is many people and former friends have taken so much from me and mistreated me for so long that I have nothing to give anymore, not even my time. Living in a world of chaos and narcissists, is not conducive to a peaceful life I feel. So I have taken a more peaceful path.

In this life I have learnt some extremely harsh lessons in pain and suffering, that I did not need to experience, no they were forced on to me by others, including the loss of a daughter and then a son, I have done nothing to cause  nor deserve this.

Some of the cause has actually been a case of naivety on my part for trusting others and giving until I have absolutely nothing left whether it had been money of which my family has little. Whether it be household goods, clothes, food etc, I gave and I gave and I gave. Because I was trying to help others in need.

 I actually read for a woman that came via a very valued client to me, crying poor mouth and I did not charge her, because I could see she had suffering when she came to me in tears and was what I thought at the time was  emotional distress. That woman, as she was leaving told me she owns three houses and her kids go to a private school. She was wondering how she was going to make ends meet! She has a bloody good full-time high paying job! Me, I am naive, I trust too easily, but god help you, if you  take from me and abuse my nativity and compassion. I will let you know about it. This moment was a real clincher for me that I will never forget!

All of these events are energy exchange in the extreme and heavily out of balance. I ask for nothing in return I must point out, never in my life have I asked for anything other that peace, harmony  and quiet in my life.  I have been through unimaginable hardships all through my life and never asked for help. Add to that a very ill husband. People that know me are very aware of my husband's illness and all we have been through in 30 odd years.

I have been hurt and betrayed by friends more often than not and especially in the years from 2013 to date. This has left me with a decision to retreat from people to prevent further abuse and greed, energy vampirism and vicious psychic attacks from people that were friends and knew very deep personal sufferings that I had gone through, things told in the strictest confidence that were told to others without my permission or knowledge.

They did this to me because they could, and because I did not march to their drum and I have a strong moral compass that does not permit me to be dishonest or do things that are harmful to others. I have strong spiritual beliefs that do not relate to the so called spiritual or psychic communities.

I do not harm others and I most certainly will not harm others psychically, as has been done to me and my loved ones. So I have chosen a hermits life instead of compromising my spiritual and moral beliefs. The less disharmony the better I feel. Funny how animals never treat humans as ill as other humans treat animals and humans.

As this world devolves I want no part in that which is spiritually, ethically  or morally  profane. I choose solitude and spirituality over all else. Yes it is a very lonely path but a necessary one. I bow to no one in the physical nor fake spiritual universal matrix.