Monday, 8 April 2019

Video 136: How to Build and Find our own Truth

Well looks like the Nag Hammadi stuff is next on my reading list, lol. It is a subject that I have put off for years due to lack of time and it is heavy going. I still have other books to read but so little time.  We live at such a fast pace now many people may never get the chance to study important books, but the main thing is knowing how to exit the matrix and I would also say leave this universe too.

One thing to think about is what is in our memories from other life times that may come back to us when we are out of the Matrix. That is something that I often think about, what information will we actually know or just be able to tune into and feel once we are free.

We must live in hope as to what we will experience when out of the Matrix and out of this universe. We still do not know if there infinite matrix universes created. We could step out of one and right into an other one. Time will tell and from there where do we go? First thing is finding a place or creating a place to rest and recover our health and our wisdom. For some that may take a very long time depending on what sort of emotional wounds one has at the point of death, including anger, hatred, fear and unequipped to deal with a new environment. Remember you will still have the same personality as you have not gone back into the light trap, so all the emotional baggage needs to be removed one way or an other and the time to heal is very important.

As for current life situation, only allow that which is in your daily life to be your focus, we cannot cope with the entire worlds' problems nor are we supposed to. It is like everyone's' realities all slammed together to confuse and confound us. Step back from all of it and only deal with the things that affect you and only bite size pieces at a time. We are at breaking point now and if we keep going like this we have a massive melt down.

My simple advice is, live simple, declutter everything and everyone in your life that is not helpful of good for you. This needs to be done in small chunks at a time and when you have one lot done do it again until you feel you have enough clutter removed  from your everyday life.
Sometimes we collect more household and garden things than we need, we fill up the garage and every space with things we will never use. That is a physical burden, which causes stress.

Then there are people that are not good for us, slowly detach and remove yourself from them. Life becomes more basic and less stressful. Then work on your belief system this is the hardest thing to declutter, I know I have been there, number one thing is believe in your self.

Keep an open and flexible mind to all that you are learning spiritually, but at the end of the day all of that may not be actual use other than knowing your own heart, time will tell when we leave this earth. But don't sweat over it, don't be fearful, that slows you down, be firm in your heart and mind with your intentions to be free.