Thursday, 11 April 2019

Reflections on Occult Entity Interferences and the Hyperdimensional Matrix Control System

I can wholeheartedly say that I can relate to this. I also warn people never to trust that which you cannot see. This world and the unseen world(s) and dimensions are not what they seem and must be approached with caution. It is sheer foolishness and shows a lack of proper spiritual education to say, "oh that person is too negative, because they  believe in dark entities or acknowledge them".

I do not mean they work with them in any way, no these individuals  just have an awareness and able to perceive these entities some of which are onto-energetic beings, and some of these beings do not have a soul. Some dark entities being a mass of negative human thoughts that have taken on a life of their own and are very dangerous destructive beings. Think psychic attacks and black magic.

Such an attitude shows the people saying such are perhaps spiritually ignorant nd / or naive which is a very dangerous combination. One must accept the fact of duality in the situation and not ignore the facts. That gets you now where and shows a lack of knowledge in this field. The other immature attitude is using the expression parroted by the ignorant, "you are holding the mirror up to yourself, and being shown that which is within you". NO! this is clearly uneducated claptrap by uneducated people.

This is most commonly used by ill informed new agers. Nothing is further from the truth and is dangerous misinformation which I won't dwell on.

If you want to know more then read up on this misconceptions like I and others informed people had to do. Information that is handed for free is never valued by the profane.  He that knows the price of everything, and the  value of  nothing comes to mind here.

I have observed that those nay sayers' are the very ones that will psychically attack people that are pointing out the dangers, and generally they do not want the truth acknowledged or understood. This is a control thing, make no mistake about that! I have experienced the psychic attacks and I have blocked and returned them to their owners. What does that tell you about such people?

Now, those beings in other dimensions are NOT to be trusted. They can and will harm you, they will also try to induce you into self harm, they will also steal too. I have heard on numerous occasions of people putting an item of jewellery on a dressing table, a shelf or what ever and knowing full well where they put the item only for it to disappear.
One person that I know did ask for an item to be returned and it was ice cold when it reappeared.

I have had a few Celtic rings taken, and I only leave them on a ring stand on my dressing table or on a crystal dish on my dressing table. I am very particular about my jewellery.  I have had nonsense from mediums doing platform work say to me and many others over the years, "have you had an item go missing?"

That is a standard question and I am sure it is put into the mediums head by other means. It is not an authentic thought. It is transmitted, the medium is waiting for this message as they expect if from watching other mediums work. I myself have had that experience, but I am aware and that is the difference. Yes I have had the person confirm an item is missing. Sometimes the person is told via the medium  the item will be returned, but it never is.

That is the work of inter dimensional beings.  Stealing is one of their tricks, and very few people ever get the item returned, myself included and I have demanded that my jewellery be returned to me, to no avail. So far two Cladagh rings and one Celtic knot rings have been taken. It is only my Celtic jewellery that has been taken, isn't that strange; and one ring I only got that day and by the next morning it was gone from my ring stand.

These beings know what they are doing and do not care about cosmic law, it means nothing to them.
These are the beings that constantly mess with humanity and are part of our suffering. Energetic implants are also used to keep us suffering and having depressive thoughts and images put into a persons head. How else does an negative orientated being stay energised? They need us to be in a low frequency and keep feeling down to feed from us.

Just for the record this planet is descending into the lower, negative vibration of second dimension which is needed to bring about the AI take over and also allow lower beings of all types in to our world.

This is not the area of knowledge that most people have any idea about and will quickly fob it off to their own detriment and ignorance.  Gnosis and wisdom are different things to many people even within the spiritual group. Many spiritual people do not research this  and for those that are on a spiritual path this is a serious  mistake.
When faced with unfriendly entities, most people have no idea what to do and how to protect themselves due to a lack of information available to the general public. Such individuals can often lack a strong sense of the self and have a weak aura or energy field or they are just too trusting with the unseen world.

I have had many people ring me with problems such as demonic entities bothering them and when I ask the person what they were doing, it is invariably the person was trying to communicate with spirits or contact a master guide, er, NO! That is not a benevolent being it is an archon, and it will harm you. Try as I might to get through to people, most of the time they will just keep on going with this irresponsible behaviour and end up with mental health problems.  Refusing to take accountability for their actions.

You cannot make a person learn the proper spiritual truth or to be aware of the dangers, that is up to the individual, so never take on that which is not yours in the first place. Yes you may get the voice in your head trying to guilt trip you, is it the human ego or something else? If it was your higher-self you would feel not hear the message. Auditory messages are generally  external but must not be confused with a psychological disorder.

Some people are just not ready for this information and it is best not to get involved with them if they are going to be arrogant and unwilling to learn the truth. A person that is teaching spiritual wisdom has an obligation to research and be flexible in their learning or else they should not be teaching this spiritual information as they can mistakenly steer people in the wrong direction unintentionally.

This is why I tell people to do their own research and also read the works of Wes Penre (and other notable writers). He has been there and done that.  If I do not know the answer to something or have doubts, I will not give a client disinformation. I will tell them that I am not sure and I will look into the matter and get back to them. I do always insist on caution with all things metaphysical. I myself am no expert and I tell people so.

 It is not an area to be flippant with, it can and does lead to mental health problems and people can become suicidal because they are messing with things they do not understand or think they know enough and suddenly they are out of their depth.

One must be totally aware and understand the fact that this is a dualistic subject and you cannot pick and mix with it. That is dangerous and shows a lack of knowledge to keep oneself and others safe.

Be prepared to own your mistakes and do not foist them on to others because that is a very selfish and irresponsible thing to do. Why should some one else have to pick up the damage and possibly be harmed by something they did not cause?

Own your actions and deal with it, do not buck pass because that is cowardly, you will eventually be facing your actions no if's or but's.