Sunday, 7 April 2019

Teddy Bears' Picnic Not So Sweet And Innocent Teddy Bear's Picnic

I used to love this song and had no idea of its meaning, you will see in the comments section the "other" meaning of the song. I am shocked and horrified by this.  Being a lover of cute teddy bears myself and all things wholesome.

There is nothing on this earth  sacred or respected. In fact everything in this world is actually inverted deliberately by the controllers of this world to their benefit. We are but their food source on an energetic level and literally, and if you have the courage to research this you will see that is the case.

People just never seem what they are. I am not shocked in the least to see Bob Carr mentioned in the link below and have been aware of this case for a few years. I recall the early 1980's seeing Bob Carr on TV often as the Premier of NSW. I always had a very bad feeling about him. I did not know what a paedophile was back then, but I could not look at this man on TV without fear and feeling very bad energy from him. I would say to my parents I had a very bad feeling about him, it made me feel distressed and sick in my stomach.

My parents back then did not realise that I was psychic and they just dismissed it. And I come from a family of psychics too, go figure. Anyway it is a hideous subject all round but people need to be better informed rather than being wilfully ignorant on the matter. I have met many victims of this evil and see how it destroys their lives. But I am sickened with the average person that just does not want to know.

It is sick that a tune that we associated with childhood and innocence could actually be a coded message for monsters that we call the elite or leaders of society. I have noticed these people all seem to have a horrendous temper and as soon as they are confronted they have the audacity to be "offended" and will turn vicious in an instant, they are self righteous psychopaths and will not be called into question about their sick perversion, even after convicted.

 Did you know many of the British politicians are abusers and many have criminal records, which can be seen on line quite easily, many charges include loitering in public toilets and other lewd acts. A Google search will pull up a vast list of names, lets not forget the British police are heavily involved is covering up the abuse in the UK as you will again find with a quick Google search.

Who they hell do these monster think they are, and even more so why is the average adult afraid of them? These are psychopaths we are dealing with, and they derive pleasure over the power they have over the average person. The average person is like excrement to them, NO, these people do not regret what they do, why the hell would they? It is a rich and powerful mans toy after all,  and their attitude to us is, who are we the masses to call them out?

I live for the day these bastards are hunted down in the streets like the vermin they are, but  I am sure hell will freeze over before anyone has the actual courage to take them on. Many of the people that go missing are bate for these monsters used in Satanic ritual abuse. The victims will never be found because these monsters take care of to leave no trace of them.

Yes some people choose to go missing for their own reasons, but many are taken by criminal networks to feed the needs of the psychopaths that rule this world. Ever looked into the amount of children missing in Britain or the US?  The underground network that can shift them anywhere in the world in 24 hours. Ten thousand children went missing according to the British government in 2018. How the hell does that happen? Don't tell me they don't know where they are, they know exactly the score. we are talking commodities and thousands of dollars in child trafficking. Fiona Barrett

There used to be a lot of information on the internet about this evil activity but of late I notice it is being removed. There was information about humans being hunted to death at the parties at Bohemia Grove, mostly women and children I do not want to delve in to that though, I have read much about it years ago and I find it highly distressing, god only knows how the victims feel if they survive.  I have posted this before but I am adding it again to let people be aware of the evil around us. One cannot protect children enough, Safe Schools is yet an other Pedo control thing too. Right under the noses  of every one and in keeping with cosmic law too.  This journalist has a who's who of pedo's on his website. Yesterday yet another magistrate was convicted of paedophilia in Sydney. You will be able to find the information on Google.

At the time of writing this I noticed a comment in one of the links saying Fiona Barrett has gone into hiding with her family so with the public researching this some monsters are getting scared, so they should be. But hey I do not think for one minute this will stop, not until the general public get off their collective arses and do a witch-hunt  right across the planet, non stop.