Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Burns night at the Burns Club 2012 with Spirit Orbs

We had our belated Burns's Supper last Saturday night at the Canberra Burns Club. It was a wonderful night. We even had three young men from Ayrshire in Scotland there to celebrate with us . Robert Burns came from Alloway in Ayrshire.

I remembered to take my camera, as I usually forget to bring one and using my phone is not as good.
The next day my husband loaded them on to the computer and surprise, surprise, we had extra guests.
These were people from spirit that came to enjoy the gathering. No doubt former club patrons and lovers of  Robert Burns works.
I have attached some photos for all to see. these are perfectly round orbs of spiritual energy. White ones are good spirits, if you ever see orbs that are dark in colour they are bad spirits. I have seen thousands of them over the years.
Keeping on the subject of Burns Night photos, I shall send some off to the Burns club for them to look at. They are the ones that run the Psychic fairs for Spirit Nation.  We shall be there on February 25th & 26th this year again. The event is getting bigger now which is wonderful and good for the club too.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them and you can see more orbs that you can't see straight off. Some will be up towards the roof, or near people.

Photos are property of Alex Fulford Clairvoyant-Medium, Feb 20112.