Monday, 15 May 2017

Must be the silly season

Listen up ,

No I do not care if  an other reader chose you. What they do is none of my business.

This is  someone stroking your ego if it is actually true. Which I am inclined to believe is a downright lie. No intelligent and normal functioning reader says, "I chose you!"

Why the hell inform me of this by text?
No I am not interested in reading for you.
No I do not need your money.
No I most certainly will not prove my abilities to a stupid person, feel free to annoy some one else and grow the hell up.

No your follow up retraction didn't cut any ice with me!

Yes I have your number on file now.

Yes I keep a list of people that I refuse to read for and you are on that list. I DO NOT  let just anyone into my home, especially  morally and spiritually ignorant, egocentric individuals. 

No I don't entertain idiots.

You obviously do not really read my blog at all that much is obvious.