Thursday, 11 May 2017

URGENT NOTICE: Wes Penre's Website Has Been Pulled

Just a heads up Wes Penre's website has been pulled. He didn't know until I emailed him. But He assumed it was just the server being over loaded again. However that is not the case. I have no idea what is going on at this stage. As soon as I hear anything I will advise you.

In the mean time, Google his name and type in PDF files. Type in A journey through the multiverse. That is one of the most important reading levels, as are " Beyond 2012 , a hand book for the new era" , " Synthetic Super-intelligence and the Transmutation of humankind, a road map to the Singularity and beyond".

There are 5 levels of learning and there are other eBooks . There is also his older website Illuminati News.

You will find information on You Tube, but also by going into other websites that contain his stuff such as In5D so you will need to wing it.

The forum is still working, so you can take part in that if you are interested.
For anyone that is serious about reading this stuff. I would highly recommend you download the ebooks on to a data stick and an external hard drive. I would also be inclined to print the books too. I have done this myself.
You will need several packets of photo copy paper, each contains 500 sheets. However one or two of Wes's  eBooks are about 750 pages. That's a lot of ink, I know I did it, lol.

I would be very sad if all of this valuable information was taken away from the public domain, as it is very important research and we all have the right to know the truth.