Monday, 29 May 2017

Wes Penre site hacked again

Here we go again, poor old Wes has had his website hacked yet again. the last time it was down for almost a week and a half. That is twice this month now. He has been given the runaround by the people that support his website all that time.

Someone has a vested interest in stopping people reading this important information. I would advise fans of Wes to join his forum, the Wes Penre discussion board.
You do not want to miss out on this important information.As soon as the website is back up, go on there and download everything, but back it up externally too.

The astrologer Dr Louis Turi  has been through similar with his facebook pages being hacked, and facebook are the prime suspects behind that one fiasco. Both of these men have valuable information for people that are spiritually awake and are constantly under attack for speaking out against evil.
Just an other sign of the times where evil just keeps attacking the good people of the world relentlessly. 

UPDATE: It is back on line today 31 May 2017. How long for who can say. Just keep an eye on it.

I am just slipping this useful reading site in here for just now too. Lots of interesting reading and worth saving the link.