Tuesday 26 January 2016

Now this is  a rather out there dream, I saw a big swanky bus with the words Titanic II plastered on the sides of this long bendy type bus. It was picking up passengers to go on a cruse on the New Titanic II. A huge white bus with tinted windows, white paint work with the words written in bold golden letters that reminded me of flames. Buses are often symbolic of death and moving souls on to the afterlife.

I thought what the heck is this, who in their right mind wants to go on the Titanic II? It seemed a very sick concept to me. Well next thing I am in a departure lounge waiting to board, (get me out of here, lol). The ship had been delayed as some things were not in order and all the passengers had to wait. I got quite annoyed at this and started to rebuke the man that was breaking the news to the passengers.

To me it felt like a death dream and it was not my time to go. I can assure  readers I have no intention of going anywhere any time soon. I intend to live a happy, long and peaceful life and will check out when I feel like it and not when some "entity" tells me.

Back to the dream, I was irritated at the thought of being delayed, catering issues were mentioned. I must admit to being a foodie here lol. Hey a girl needs to have a hobby, right! Food is mine.

But the whole feeling in this dream was confusing, it felt like a warning of something to come, a foreboding feeling. We all know the story of the original Titanic, also bear in mind Celine Dion's husband has just passed to spirit. She did the sound track for the movie Titanic.  I never watched the movie because I am hyper sensitive when it comes to suffering.

To me there is nothing to be gained by using such a horrible event for entertainment either.  It smacks of an energy heist to me, I avoid anything along the lines of making the general public "tune in" to any mass events where suffering is being foisted upon us  (EG: the anniversary of  WW1) It also turned out to be it's sister ship The Olympic that sunk. The name plates were changed for insurance reasons. You can google that one for yourselves, I do not want to influence what you read. But facts are facts and it has been proven beyond all doubts. I will leave it there readers as I have no intention of causing a stir.

I wonder what the next mass event will be, but to be sure it will involve many lives such as the sinking of the Titanic/Olympic. My heart goes out to all victims of tragedy and suffering, it has a massive flow on effect to many, many people.

Copyrighted by Alex Fulford Clairvoyant-Medium 26th January 2016

UPDATE 11 FEB 2016

I think this is in very poor taste.