Friday 8 January 2016


Being a clairvoyant has put a hell of a strain on my family. Had I known what a high price I would pay I probably wouldn’t have gone down this path.  I have come to a crossroads now after a year from hell, I have had my family shattered beyond all hope of repair and all those in the “industry” could do was gossip and bitch about me and my family. I will not let this go and those who have made my life a misery will be held accountable, mark my words. The psychic industry for want of a better term is the most egotistical selfish, arse lickers that evil ever gave breath to.
My life has been destroyed due to the lies, deception and evil intentions of others that I have trusted, people that I foolishly thought were my friends and were spiritual. Let me tell you there is nothing spiritual about this industry, nor the liars in it. I can understand why so many choose to read for others but shun other psychics.
So, I want nothing, more to do with the people involved. I am utterly disgusted at the people in the so called spiritual movement - hypocrites and liars that talk about you behind your back.  You cannot sink any lower than that!  At least I can hold my head up and say that I have never lied to or manipulated a client, or made false claims as to my abilities as that is not who I am. I have on occasion, had to fix up other psychics fuck ups though - people coming to me in tears after being fed a crock of shit by a so called psychic.
I too have been lied to by some of the so called psychics, I have been manipulated by them and lied to. Do you think for one minute that I wouldn’t know this?  FFS! To make matters worse, I have had readers blow smoke up my arse about my family and as a result caused much heartache.  I kept my mouth shut because I know what evil people in this town are like and their capacity to damage the lives of others. Working alongside liars is sickening and I want no part of this anymore, enough is enough.
I was manipulated by a male psychic  to sell my house and move  to a certain location, where I would have lots of work. I fail to see how a piss ant little back wash will have the huge client base, that I already have in Canberra. Never get a reading from someone who has a vested interest in the outcome – because they will manipulate you. If you want to know the truth, just ask my poor husband. He has seen so much over the years and kept his mouth shut because he did not want to damage my work – he knows how these people operate and I wish I had listened to him sooner.
I have had an evil entity being sent to my house, bogus clients coming for readings on the behalf of other psychics to suss me out with the intention of discrediting me – not sure how they thought I wouldn’t know and knowing what sort of people are involved. Again do you honestly think that I don’t know who is behind this?
 Then there was the sleazy bastard that a fellow psychic “friend” told to ring me . The shock when I answered the phone and tuned in to this vile being was even picked up by my husband and he is not usually intuitive. The said friend then back peddled to deny this - lying to a clairvoyant? - of course I know who was responsible.
Friends just don’t hurt each other, that is vile. What sick and evil people, are in this industry. Is it the lust for power, fame and the ego just does not know where to stop? Only those devoid of substance, a soul and have lost their way in the darkness crave this attention.
I have no need nor a desire for this. I leave it to the profane because that is all they will ever have in this world. I seek not approval nor fame , I have a strong moral compass and true spirituality, which comes from deep within as a knowing. Not to be bestowed on me by hollow egotistical people, that feel that one of their own is deemed “spiritual”.  Leave me out of your filthy evil dark web of deceit and wickedness. Keep your disgusting witchy poo bullshit that cuts no ice in the real spirit world. You can keep all your love and light bullshit new age fakery. You can all continue to bitch amongst yourselves and wallow in your sycophantic world if that is what makes you happy.  That is not the true spiritual way and the true spiritual way will never be on this earth as long as evil like that which exists in the industry flourishes.
I will continue to read for those who want it but the rest of the psychic community, you are all dead to me.