Saturday 30 November 2019

Milton Black : December 2019 Astrology forecast

I occasionally follow Milton Black's website. I met him many years ago, not that he would remember me as he sees many people like I do.

Milton has an excellent reputation and is generally spot on with his predictions.
Starting with the global warming BS, yes many of us psychics and astrologers know it is a hoax and money grab, but more than that, it is about control over the public, make no mistake about that.

There is a rush to curtail freedom of speech , and time is imminent because people are working this out, so to counteract this new laws are being rushed through parliaments around the western world and scare tactics are being pushed by the all levels of media.

Currently Facebook are getting in deep with China and do not have our best interests at heart This is a spy tool and a social engineering tool. You should be worried about this and get off Facebook. I am shutting down my personal account as I am sick of the negativity and the pushing of social engineering. Examples of this are the, "click like if"... or " I bet I wont get one like", utter garbage designed to bring you down and dumb you down.  An exercise in taking candy from a baby with most people really. 

Getting back to Milton Black though, notice what he says about China, I most definitely agree with this, also the financial situation. Due to the greed, arrogance and hunger for power with all world leaders of Government and big business including bankers this will ultimately happen as I am sure Milton is well aware.

Not a good time and cycles do repeat because this world is preprogrammed for these events. it is like a virtual computer programme that repeats in a loop until someone can break the encryption.

But the only way to break the encryption is for the individual to awaken spiritually. There is no potential for a mass awakening, that is not how things work here in our world (third dimension).

Australia also has no way to back off with China without incurring it's wrath. In the media they are asking how did this happen. It's bloody simple, we have many corrupt politicians and corrupt businessmen out to grab as much money as possible without thinking of the long term damage. They don't really care anyway.

Talk about human scum, it does not get any lower than this filth. Oh, and here is a hint for our politicians, stop abusing kids you bastards, and then you won't be blackmailed so easily.  Epstein isn't the only one with a list of names to blackmail powerful people. Let me tell you there is always video and photographic proof of these things, how else do you get politicians into a corner? Oldest trick in the book. Obviously the Chinese are more intelligent than the filth running Australia. Not that I can stomach the Chinese government, they are just as vile.

Remember I wrote about the Freemasons being a worldwide network? Well just google famous world leaders including the Chinese and North Korean, Yes of course they are high ranking Freemasons. You do not get to a position of power without that. Sell your soul to Satan and you are in like Flynn. Some of these guys are very clever and only do staged photos for the public eye but in private it is a different matter.

Lets not forget the scum in the Vatican, the club of Rome, Knights of Malta etc. Do some research on all of these groups  and you will understand how it all works. Yes astrology covers such organisations too.They have a date of birth or creation that has an energy signature and the date is very important.

Our world works on numbers and the frequency they in order to understand all of this you need to be aware of the power of numbers.