Friday 29 November 2019

WTF? No! This is not childish behaviour, it is a crime

WTF? NO This is not OK. What the hell is wrong with this judge's head ffs?
This is an evil targeted attack not some silly joke. Maybe it is time legal action was taken on all judges and magistrates that hand down piss weak sentences.

Personally I would take a whip to them for the insane and inadequate punishments handed down in the courts these days.  I have no time for weak minded judiciary, it is high time they knew what it feels like to be the victim of horrific crimes, or the families of deceased victims of crimes.

How the hell can anyone say this is a just  childish behaviour. Look at the bloody video and tell me if this was happening to you would you think oh its just a bit of fun. Hell no, it is a violent assault. Call it what it bloody is. Bet the parents are so proud of their offspring.

This is revolting and must never be tolerated, Why though didn't the women try to go downstairs or scream for help? Why did the bus driver not stop the bus and call the police? We don't have all the information to this crime for a start. The media are good at not providing all the relevant facts.

I would like to think that there is a video screen that can be seen by the driver when a crime is happening upstairs on the bus. But I do understand the driver cannot take his eyes off the road, so perhaps there needs to be a second person on the bus watching out for crimes or a live stream that is monitored at the bus depot to watch all the buses for crimes happening, vandalism etc so they can call the police to the particular bus and remove the criminals. That is not a difficult thing to do.

It comes down to money of course, and most companies won't put the money in to such a venture. Just wait until someone is left with permanent damage or killed then watch the bus companies being sued. I hope these ladies can sue for not providing a safe environment while traveling. Not to mention the theft by these little scumbags on top of the assault.