Monday 4 November 2019

Video 190 More on Freewill and the Lack Thereof

This is quite important, however I do not agree with going to Orion, that is just going from the pot into the fire so to speak. This Orion queen as far as I am concerned has much blood on her hands like the rest of them. I would be rather reluctant to have anything to do with that reptilian creature.

As for what Wes says about Tiamat, it was just another  experiment. Lab rats in a controlled environment. Is it worth the risk to follow others or think for yourself on exiting the grid? I also question the "source" of this information because I can see Wes, has good intentions, but the "source" may not and I do not like the feel of some of the information. I feel Wes is being manipulated. That means picking a side. Big mistake, taking sides is a fatal mistake, we must not take sides with these beings, neither have good intentions towards humanity. Remember duality or team a or team B? Both belong to the same coin as far as I can tell and I just will not put my trust or faith in what I feel may be yet an other trap.

I will do my own thing thank you. Firstly rest and heal and then work out where you will be safe from any harm. Do you create a world for yourself or do you investigate other worlds that are peaceful? The choice is yours, what ever you feel is right at the time, but you can go where and when you want now because you are free.

As for what Wes is saying about AI, yes he is right but the deal is done, this world is also looking at a corporate marxism on top of that and it is painfully obvious by the day.

No one is stopping this, why, because those with any power are colluding. The masses could not run a bath let alone stand up to this. Every day we are seeing horrific crimes and the criminals do not actually have a punishment to fit the crime. Because this is needed to create the hoax called problem, reaction, solution.

We will start to see a change with the laws very soon bringing in hard line punishment, because the public have asked for this. But they have not realised that it is their further enslavement that is coming.
That is the whole idea of problem, reaction, solution, the concept has been around since the dawn of time as history shows us.

As Wes says the rush is on now to fast track all the AI. Do not think for one minute you can save other people from this. One, it is not you the individual's call. Two, you will only get the back up of those you try to save and the ridicule from them. Three, the illusion of free will, that humanity has must not be violated, because then you enact the artificial trap called Karma upon yourself.

Focus your intention of an exit plan when your life ends, that is your goal. Let the others be responsible for themselves. They are not helping you are they? No quite the opposite, they look out for number one. Do not fall for the guilt trip that comes with this, that is there to confuse you and detract from your mission to exit safely.

You will only get one chance at this! Your other soul fragments in other timelines should in theory all be pulled out as you exit, if they don't please do not worry as long as the current and conscious you gets out, after that you will know what to do. Keep it simple and do not over think this, hold your intentions firm and do not allow distractions as you exit.

PS As a side note, just take a look at all the Hollywood film logo's Orion is one of them. That right there is a clue as far as I am concerned, not to trust the Orion beings they do not have freedom either.
I believe Wes actually said that in a comment on one of his video clips. I should have made a not of it to link it here.