Friday 29 November 2019

Ancient minerals magnesium

ancient minerals magnesium lotionThis is a good little product that I have started using. I was not getting enough magnesium into my body by taking capsules and having various health problems many of which are autoimmune disorders, I needed something better. So I went into my local health food shop and asked advice. The lady put me on to this product, after explaining that I have very dry and sensitive skin. She recommended the lotion instead of the spray because my skin is so dry.

I bought the Magnesium lotion ultra, and so far I am quite happy with it, I just have to stop my dog licking my arms and legs, lol. It's a dog thing. You put any moisturiser on after a shower and the dog will lick   it off. "You stand still human, I am licking the moisturiser".  Dogs have a real fixation for moisturisers, lol.

Capsules or tablets do not put enough magnesium into our bodies. It is best done transdermally, even soaking in a bath  or just soaking your feet in Epsom salts (magnesium) or  a good magnesium salt that is high potency.

Do your research and ask at a good health food shop which is the best product on the market.

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