Tuesday 5 November 2019

ANU research, read money grab for the family home


Let’s hope they do not do this. These days the family home usually has to be sold to put parents into nursing homes for the care they need, that money pays for their upkeep.That is not a luxury. Many times both parents are in care,(speaking from experience here). What right has the government to do this to anyone? These people have worked bloody hard all their lives, paid tax and many did military service too, like my father and father in law.

This is normal suburban family homes remember not mansions of the rich and powerful. Prices have been artificially inflated over the years to get money out of people, and trap them into debt to the banks.

These banks and other big businesses control our governments. Also keep in mind women have had to go out to work full time again because of the bankers and big business pushing this in the 60s and 70s. This was dressed up as women’s lib and empowering. In reality it is a thing but empowering, it is enslavement, financial enslavement.

The children miss out on a parents love while in daycare and then moved off into preschool and then into big school. All part of the production of dismantling the family unit and reprogramming the minds of the masses in  a social engineering program that is running for almost 60 years now. That is something people need to research.

Over the decades the masses think this is normal and that everyone does it. Err, NO, it is not normal, and we don’t all do this. Some individuals are very aware of this agenda and opt out of the sausage factory production called modern life.

The pressure is on everyone now and people are at breaking point, they do not really have quality time or quality of life. They are struggling to pay bills and keep the roof over the family’s heads.
Some sadly loose everything and end up homeless, because they simply cannot keep up with the pressure and earning less money than is needed to survive. Especially those that work in retail or hospitality jobs.

Whatever you do, don’t get ill or you are on the skids. So how fair is it to save up and buy a home only for the government to pull a wickedly evil stunt like this. Let me tell you knowing people that lived in communist countries, it ain’t pleasant. So if the government does decide to do this, there will be hell to pay. For us not them, it does not touch them, and these bastards have money tucked away, pay very little tax and know all the loopholes that allows the, to keep their money, their assets and their family home. They don’t need an age pension, which is a basic human right , NOT a privilege.

Now the elite want more money from people to waste on crap or war. The time is coming where the UN agendas 21/ 30 will be activated, and the masses will allow this abuse of the hard workers who managed to save money during their years of being a wage slave. Now the punishment will come and it is all taken away from them to be shared with the poor. Do you see the filthy rich doing this? Don’t be silly they are untouchable.

As I have pointed out before corporate Marxism it coming in, and there is nothing you and I can do to stop this. China for example is expanding its corporate interests at present (ever wondered how a communist nation can be wealthy or citizen can be a millionaire if the wealth is shared, lol it doesn't happen). Australia has lost a lot of property, land and businesses to China. Our government has been set up to facilitate this a few years ago. Nobody batted an eyelid for years, but now people are starting to worry, too little too late.

Our future is in the hands of rich and greedy sociopaths, the idiots they have indoctrinated in Universities such as the ANU are brainwashed minions that push the communist agenda to the masses. Just take a look at the young people that are in favour of “sharing” the wealth.

Most are non contributors to society and expect hard workers to cave in to communist demands being pushed by special interest groups such as the climate idiots, extinction rebellion etc.

Let’s see how they like it when it affects these maggots when they cannot do anything without permission from big brother. Oh, and why not open up your home to strangers, share what you have with them too. Then when you are old and sick you can be kicked to the gutter too and have no assets to pay for your nursing home or medical needs. Oh but it will be a shitty government run shit hole with poor care, abuse and poor quality food. Then on top of that you will be kept medicated because you are a nuisance to the staff because you are breathing. It sucks to be you! But the final kicker is they will euthanize you because you are a useless eater. Feels good doesn't it!