Friday 22 November 2019

Tarot Card of the month: 8 of Wands, December 2019

Oh boy this s a curly one for the silly season, but it is also very apt for the last month of the year.
The 8 of wands signifies endings or conclusions, quick action needs to be taken and news/ communication.

This card tells us there are many options available at this point in time and a choice needs to be made as quickly as possible to avoid missing out. Important news may come to you which you need to act on straight away. A key thing to remember is in relation to hearing news, there may be information that is incomplete.
So keep your mind sharp and alert. Looking at the number 8 on the card, the energy of the number 8 must never be taken for granted. It is as powerful as it is destructive.

You could have it all and just as easily lose it all , especially if this is a birth number. It is the great leveller and make no mistake about that. Mess with the energy of the number 8 and it will bite you on the bum. Learn to balance the energy of the temporal or physical world with that of the spiritual world. Energy must always be kept in balance or disaster happens.

Metaphysically it is called the karmic equaliser, but once you understand the truth about this world and how we are set up to fail from the get go, you know that karma and all of this reality is a lie perpetrated on all of humanity. A bit of research will easily reveal this fact.

Any hoo, notice there is more blue sky in the image than necessary! That is alluding to air or spirit to be precise. The wands are falling fast from the sky and hitting the earth or penetrating the earth, (our reality) fast moving events are under way in December so stay vigilant. Examine all news or information very carefully or you will miss the hidden message.  That message could be vital especially for Australia at present. Not all is as it seems as presented in the media.

It's entirely possible,  this could be to do not just with ordinary people in their private lives but also politically. There is upheaval afoot and fast action needed to head off disaster. I can think of several areas where our government is letting the Australian people down right now.

Looking  now at the small amount of green grass on the foreground and then a body of water. The water is consciousness which is expansive just like spirit. Then there is what could be taken as an island with a few scattered trees and a house or a castle. A bit like a citadel away from all of the disharmony of the outside world. Will this peace be shattered by the wands falling to the earth? Given the sparsity of the trees this indicates  strong winds blowing. Fast moving energy in other words.
So it could mean problems nationally for Australia.

The number 8 is like a lemniscate standing upright. It means balance and order, but also ending of cycles and new cycles beginning. Here we are at the end of a decade and about to enter a new decade.
I have covered the basics of the number 8 above. So should you need to know more on the number 8, I advise finding a good numerology website. I am not a numerologist sadly.

I want to wish everyone a happy and wonderful Christmas and a bright and wonderful new year for 2020.

Thank you for reading my blog over the years I hope you have found it helpful, entertaining and useful.