Friday 22 November 2019

Where is the mass public outrage world wide?

Take a look at this link below and do a google search. Most people are sickeningly willfully ignorant of the truth behind all this filth and evil. What does it take for people to grow some balls and take action?

You do realize there is a push to make this evil legal, right? It is easy to find this information on the internet.

As I always say this is the third dimension, evil will always reside here, but if everyone grew some spiritual and moral balls we would have changed the world by lifting the vibration and breaking out of this hell.

There is much more to this filth than most care to admit to, so many famous people, some of which you may well love admire and be fans of. Does that mean it is ok for them to do it and you are cool with tha? It sure looks like it.

I will never stoop in my spiritual and moral values.