Sunday 17 November 2019


Interesting video in English by Brett Stuart, but taken from a Russian YouTube page.
You may find him on various websites.

What he says is technically correct, and is better known as soul splitting, the sophisticated cage or grid around the planet is sort of like a Faraday cage in simple terms. All planets with life forms in this universe are imprisoned like this. The energy these beings feed from is called loosh.

What Brett does not tell you in this video, but perhaps he does in other videos is, there are holes around this grid which are made by human consciousness, as people are waking up the unknowingly create holes in this grid.

This planet was never our home either, it was setup by scientists and master geneticists as a bio genetic experiment. This planet and all life that it contained was then hijacked and a war ensued over this turf. The bad guys won and are still in control. There was no grid until these beings put it there.

This is happening all over this universe, however earth is a special project. I feel it should never have been done in the first place as there is no possible chance of a good outcome due to the negative frequency and the vested interests of many star races with a special interest which benefits them but not us. Nothing here is free to leave the "experiment" Not even prior to the war which took place some say over 500 thousand years ago. There is also evidence around the planet of this war in the soil and rock formations.

I notice Brett does not mention this is a locked universe and frequency but again perhaps he says so in other videos. This whole universe was made by intelligent design, not any god. Though these beings  in their own delusional minds  actually believe they are gods and our overlords.

We humans are a special star race with what we call the divine spark. It has nothing to do with these beings at all. These beings do not have this divine spark nor are the pure spiritually speaking. Far from that, they are deranged psychotic beings hell bent on war, enslavement and barbarism and also total control of the entire universe. Humanity does not know for sure if the entire universe is under the control of the overlords but it would be a pretty safe bet given how long this has gone on and the fact that it as an artificial universe. It could very well be a computer simulation that we are inserted into but upon what we know as physical death we can escape if we know how to.

I also feel as a remote viewer myself, this man knows some scary individuals. Bear in mind remote viewing is not to be trusted as it is not 100% accurate, not to mention it can be and most definitely is manipulated, no different to our dream state at night or in meditation. These beings know that humans are watching them and they can read the humans thoughts by advanced technology. Humanity are now experimenting with a crude form of this technology right at this moment in our history too, which is a very bad thing to do. We are primitive by comparison to beings thousands of years ahead of us and things do not bode well for us. 

There are numerous star races involved in this for their own benefit and many are aligned with these nasty overlords. They did not create us as we are often told via disinformation agents.

We were an advanced star race thousands of years ago, as ontoenergetic beings. We were manipulated into trying out the physical bodies which are virtual prisons. The chakra system anchors us into this reality as well as the energy or etheric plug over the pineal gland which Brett mentions.

We cannot ascend  nor are we even meant to really, ascension is part of the control matrix and is still a trap. Any beings that work as guides are not sufficiently awake to know or understand the dangerous situation they are in. They cannot just up and leave either should they want to.

They are not aware that many of the overlords are actually artificial intelligence themselves and are working on dragging the human race into the hell that will never end. It has only just begun on earth and many are very worried about this and the 5G  connection to this, literally.

Some researchers by the way are of the opinion that our original home was on Tiamat, which was destroyed by these beings. Now that information usually comes via channelled information, information that I say should never be trusted. The information can and will be manipulated to suit the design of those providing the information and here is where we need to look at the concept of a hive mind  complex of beings.

Rule of thumb to me is if this is as I and many believe is a simulation, trust nothing and no one only your higher self. NO implants cannot be removed while in the simulation and to suggest otherwise is nonsense. Only after bodily death and knowing how to exit the body safely is vital. Not everyone can leave the body easily and any beings that try to help are not interested is saving you. Why, because they are operating from within the matrix. Thus back to the soul trap to have your mind erased and soul split again and repackaged, but may be not sent to earth or this time line. It could be the twin earth that is often spoken of or anywhere within the construct.

Keep an open mind with this sort of information but do not just agree with what some so called expert tells you. They are not experts or they would not be here right now. No is anyone going to reincarnate to help others escape that matrix, that is BS disinformation than new agres are deluded by and very misinformed. Only you and your higher self will know the truth after physical death and not before, but time is of the essence at that point. One needs to look for a hole in the grid and go through it. Your higher self should guide you from that point onward. However memories will need to be retrieved from life before the grid. That might take some time , no one knows for sure.

Fear is a trap that will hold us back so one must be focused and not allow fear and the what if's. Just know what you want is freedom and it is your spiritual right to be free. You do not merge with any godhead or anything else or you have failed. You would be swallowed up into the control system and no longer have the chance to be you and be free.

The choice of course is up to you. I know what I will chose and it sure as hell is to go through the grid and I want out of this universe. Notice the word universe, uni, meaning one but it is only a copy.
Not the real deal but a cheap simulation. I wonder how many simulations there actually are. No one can know for sure due to the veil of amnesia and the trauma from soul splitting. We are all traumatised.

On a last and final comment the 7 billion souls on earth we have been told were needed for the human race to awaken , I am now of the opinion that was BS put out by disinformation agents. More people makes more chaos.