Tuesday 21 January 2020



Just one thing I want to comment on if you have to ask if Sekhmet or Bast are good guys or not you are not listening or reading the information that Wes has spent years on.

Anything to do with the ancient Egyptian gods and goddess is is evil. But hey stupid is as stupid does. I keep warning people these evil entities will turn your life upside down and destroy your life. I have seen it over and over again. Some people just refuse to listen due to their stupidity and egos.

Never mind what your friends tell you or some guru. they are full of shit and woefully ignorant. If you have to question this then there is a weakness within your intuition and a lack of freewill and a weakness of the self.

Know thyself and be not weak! Seek not that that is not within and do not communicate with anything other than your higher self, lets you are willing to pay the price.

I do not feel the Orion queen or cohorts are benevolent either and who are they to judge after all these beings have blood on their hands too.