Tuesday 14 January 2020

Prince Harry and Meghan

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With the whole Harry and Meghan situation going on at present, It is a sad situation.
I am no fan of the royal family, however I was fond of Diana and young Harry.
Harry is a very sensitive soul. His life has never been easy.

He is very much his mother's son, in a nice way. Not afraid of hard work either.
However I see this current situation will have a grave affect on Harry. With the step back from his duties, and the move overseas. I do not see this being a happy outcome.

It is Wallis Simpson all over again. Harry needs people around him to be people he can trust and not betray him. He also needs to drop some so called celebrities. Nor do I think he sees the real Meghan. Some have pointed it out to him, but love is blind.
This can lead to heart break sadly. I do not see the marriage surviving, perhaps a couple more years.

Meghan is a born survivor, but Harry is not. He needs proper love and affection. That is something he has never had except from his dear mum.

William on the other hand is cool and aloof. He doesn't do the real warm and fuzzy stuff like the spin doctors portray. He is business and intent on being king one day. Kate is an astute business woman, she plays the game well and is no fool. She can be cunning and knows how to work any situation.

Meghan does not like competition, so sparks fly. There is only room for one  queen, so she needs her own court. She is not going to share with any other queen. It is just the way she is.

Survival of the fittest. Meghan knows what is good for her and her image, as does Kate.
Harry just wants married life without the stress. He needs a good family home with proper love and stability.

I recall when he was born I felt he was very vulnerable and pushed to the side line. Royals are well known for pushing other family members to the sideline. As the history of the royal family will reveal. Survival of the fittest, it's every man for himself and no two ways about it.

Harry was not destined to be king, not that he cares about that. He just wanted to be accepted and loved. That's Harry, he is like his mum and craves love in this cruel world. The loss of his mother is something he will never get over, but he does have loving memories to hold on to.

The big problem is though, if and when Harry and Meghan split though, the children of the marriage are royals. If they are living in the UK if the marriage ends it's one thing, but if this happens outside of the UK this is where things can turn ugly. Meghan is fully aware of this too if you catch my drift.

Custody battles over royal persons will be very difficult. It is as I said only a matter of time though.
Which is very sad because Harry is a lovely guy. Those that held his mother in their hearts  need to step up for Harry. Because he needs all the love and help he can get right now and in the future.

He carries so much pain in him it brings out my strong maternal feelings, I wish him all the best that life can offer, and for his children. He will in the end return to the royal fold, but here he needs to keep up his guard too, as there are nasty individuals around the palace.

Ideally he needs nature around him and an environment that is compassionate without egos and
people with agendas. I hope he finds that