Tuesday 28 January 2020

Tarot Card of the month ' February 2020: Knight of Swords

Element : Air linked to intellect and instability

The Knight of Swords card is a swift moving card. It is a "tell us what you really think" card.
The key words are direct/blunt, authoritative/overbearing, incisive/cutting, knowledgeable/opinionated, logical/unfeeling.

As you can see this is a card that may make some people uncomfortable and given the current issues going on in the world at present it is understandable. We have left the Christmas and new year season behind us and now we face a serious road ahead.

This card shows us that questions are being asked about current events as people seek the truth over events like the Australian bushfires which are  still on going, the Trump impeachment fiasco, Brexit fiasco the Corona virus etc. Some of these event will drag on all year in one form or an other as we strive for answers. These answers will not come easy due to cover ups and corruption. Some though can see right to the heart of the matter.

Now looking at the card itself , notice the blue sky with clouds moving fast as there is a very strong wind blowing them. The knight charges into battle with his sword raised high , he is unafraid of the task ahead. The trees bend in the strong wind which the knight is riding straight into.

The knights'  horse running fast under the control of the knight, the poor horse looks rather worried.
You will notice the knights vizor is up and not covering his face as when in battle. His helmet has a red plume of feathers ( feathers represent air) matching his red cloak. Red being the colour of anger, passion, war, anger,  the house of York, this  itself goes back to the ancient Egyptian royal houses of upper and lower Egypt) Remember the Tarot deck includes ancient Egyptian symbology for a reason.

The horse is wearing a harness with butterflies, these butterflies represent spiritual transformation and souls.Notice this horse is white,  you could say a pale horse (beware a pale horse).
The clouds on the card can represent the psychic veil between both worlds being parted.
This card indicated high emotions too so we must be very careful this February.

The trees are Cypress trees from Greek mythology and are sacred to the goddess Venus and represent emotions.

Yes emotions will run high and people need to think carefully before reacting. facts need to be correct before we speak or it will turn out very badly. We need to use our intuition and stay true to our beliefs, no wavering.