Sunday 5 January 2020

Letter from former NSW fire chief to the prime minister back in September 2019

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These are easily found on the internet and are doing the rounds of Facebook just now. You can't remove these documents from the public domain now they are all over the internet.
More will come out as time goes on.

For the Labor voters take a look at this link and then shut your bloody mouths. All political parties are up to their ears in corruption not just the NLP.

You will not the date is 9th of may 2019.

You may also like to read this plus the comments.

Most people are too bloody lazy to look into all of the corruption in Australia, they just want their beer and sport. Until the poop hits the fan and they are shitting bricks. Funny old world isn't it.  Some well known names in this list.

Humanity is, as I keep saying devolving and you can't fix lazy or stupid.
\  For those that think the bush fires were an accident, read this! Please read and remember the company names.
Big money and the NSW Premier is a big big fan , she makes my stomach churn to be honest.
The corruption in Australia is astounding but so to is the stupidity of the public.

Gladys Berejiklian  is an utter disgrace as is the cretin Danial Andrews of Victoria and  Queensland Anastasia Palaszczuk , they are pushing for this and selling out Australians quicker than the January sales.

Oh don't forget The Premier of NSW as well as the federal government cut funding to the firefighters! How does that make you feel when we are living through this carnage, loss of homes, businesses  farm animals and all our beautiful wild life all those animals dead in the billions.