Thursday 23 January 2020

Charities slammed as bushfire victims await donated funds

This was our hard earned and taxed money that we, the Australian people gave to those that are in dire need after the bushfires. That money was invested. They have no right to sit on it.
I will wash my hands of charities unless it is a local animal charity or the Rural Fire Service.

That way I know the money is getting to the animals in need or people in need. I have never liked either the Red Cross nor the Salvation Army.
I have heard too many negative things about both from staff members and former staff members.

I have given clothes and household items to the Salvation Army for 30 years, but now I take things else where. You would be shocked to know that the staff of volunteers are treated poorly by the people at the top.

For instance I donate clothes and other goods to an other charity and these bastards won’t even get the air conditioner fixed they expect old ladies to work their bums off in appalling heat and of course no pay because they are volunteers. I would love to see the CIO of any shitty charity, work in the same work conditions year after year that the volunteers have to.

These CIO’s are on huge salaries and out of touch with the average person. There is a particular Australian religious charity that I refuse to have anything to do with. A so called Christian charity where these women are rude and stuck up. Christian values I hardly think so.

Be very sceptical about  any charity and think carefully about which ones to support. As I said I prefer local animal charities because I know for a fact the money goes directly to the care of the animals. I will of course help the Rural Fire Service and Military charities, that I know will hand over the money to those that need it.

I do not forgive nor forget those that do wrong by others deliberately. In Australia we have been very badly affected by everything that has happened over the past few months and it is going to take many, many years to recover from this.