Monday 13 January 2020

New high speed rail network announced by NSW Government

Still think the bush fires were not a deliberate ploy of evil for the new rail link? I am not the only psychic that just knows on a Clairsentient level. Spirit does not lie!

Politicians and business people do. They know that the public are aware of this arson being by design, yes there was forest fuel no one is denying that, or lightening strikes. But we all know the vast majority is arson and time will prove us all correct. So who is going to be held accountable for this and the murder of humans and animals, the loss of homes, habitat and private businesses? No one it will be a white wash otherwise the government will have to stand down, like that will ever happen.
Absolute power corrupts, remember that.

Watch this in YouTube mode and read the comments. Some people are bloody thick, of course this is all going to link up to other states. This video is carefully edited to only show Sydney, but it will be the full length of the state and Melbourne to Brisbane will be linked to this. If you read the other posts you will see that.