Wednesday 22 January 2020

Emergency warning for bushfire near Canberra Airport

Still too early to say what is going to happen. Just google Australian news sites. In Canberra, the Riot ACT is pretty reliable for information.

update,  the fires are under control now.

UPDATE: Things have taken a turn for the worst, the fires are out of control and have merged. Now  known as the Beard fire. Beard is a new suburb of Canberra.

There are homes affected now and the Brindabella Office Park and shops out near the airport which are surrounded in forests. Let’s not forget all the wildlife out there. It is a nightmare for all involved.

I was driving today in the high winds and the wind was that strong, it was getting under the car and pulling. Not good, when on a main highway doing 80to 100kms. It’s a hot dry wind so I guess it makes the fires threat all the more dangerous.