Wednesday 1 January 2020

Heroic job’: Mogo Zoo staff protect animals threatened by out-of-control New South Wales fire

This is a place that I know pretty well. It is not far from Canberra, most Canberrans like to go down the south coast for holidays or a weekend to relax. It is heart-breaking to see this happen but we are not over the worst of it yet.

Last night up in Canberra the thick black smoke hit town from the south and the east, we even had it coming indoors. I had a sleepless night then on top of that our power went out. So no air con or fans to cool the room.

Today the air is thick with heavy smoke and a yellow glow in the sky. So far there are no fires in Canberra. But this brings back horrible memories from 2003. Not a good start to a new year and decade. The destruction done by all these fires will affect our economy in some ways  especially for tourism and primary producers. Some will not recover, others will take years to recover.

We will all pull together to help these families and businesses recover from this devastation.  Aussies pull together in times of distress and hardship. No matter what happens we will recover.