Tuesday 7 January 2020

The size of Australia shocks America in bushfire map comparisons

Maybe we should say does my ass look big in this LOL

https://www.ga.gov.au/scientific-topics/national-location-information/dimensions/australias-size-compared  I always thought the US was bigger than Australia, I have a link here to Geoscience Australia for more information.

Just wait until you encounter a big Boomer  in the bush, that is a bloody huge Kangaroo. Stay right way from them. If these 7 foot Skippies are angry they will literally unzip a human with one swipe of their massive claws, you may not make it alive to a hospital, because in the bush you could be hours away from help. Not to mention holding your internal organs in place, because like I said one swipe and they will cut you open.

Kangaroos or Roos as we call them will kill farm dogs by either suffocating them, ripping them apart or if near water they are known to drown dogs by holding them under water.

So if you visit Australian when the fires are over, please be careful if you go out bush and follow all the safety instructions. We have people die every year being lost in the bush. That is how big the continent is.

If you are flying from Sydney to Europe, most of the journey you are still in Australia.
And that is usually a flight that goes either Sydney, Melbourne, Perth WA, to where ever, or Sydney, to Perth in Western Australia (WA) that is the end of the Australian leg and takes about 4 hours  10 minutes flying.
It's about 26 hours from Sydney to London. That's a lot of " are we there yet" and whinging, lol 😆


NSW police say arson and lightning are to blame for the fires! Well duh!