Tuesday 28 January 2020

Australia is building ‘smart city’ infrastructure


This article is dated  12 May 2019

 Smart cities the plans for Australia's grim future with the roll out of 5G the masses are keen to ignore the dangerous realities and by the time they work it out it is too late. Sold to evil corporations.

But here is the kicker, transhumanism is part of this agenda make no mistake about it. it is a done deal because the masses are too busy watching sport or their stupid UNreality tv shows and too dumbed down to care or see the danger they face.

Roll on your thoughts stored on a cloud, to an new hive mind that will be heavily controlled and edited. Your are now under the permanent control of a corporate communism. Your government willingly sold you out. Still think cabals are not in charge?

You can't say you didn't know or you weren't warned. As part of the deal with cosmic law the cabal must  tell humanity what they are doing to negate this artificial karma and humanity wears the cost, both physically, morally and spiritually. The end game is now.