Wednesday 15 January 2020

Sen. Cruz Questions Victims of Censorship on Google's Bias

Let this sink in. This is the world we live in now. Big corporations that are untouchable and in bed with government. Votes can be rigged with no way of tracing them. But just think of the implications of mass manipulation for any possible reason, from voting to purchasing anything you can think of.
Manipulating the news, manipulating statistics, manipulating the masses.

Already we see evidence on how much traffic a website gets, a blog or any social media platform.
They can also go in and remove items from your blog. I had it happen to me due to vindictiveness and I know who was behind it. This is a violation of free speech and freedom of thought. This abuse of power should never be tolerated.

Where will it end? I will tell you where; a soft version of communism where everyone is looking over their shoulder paranoid in case they are targeted as a thought criminal, and we are already seeing this right in front of our eyes presently. It is so easy to do this and those that have lived in a communist country will tell you how it really is, and they also see the writing on the wall in Western nations. 

Subliminal programming is well advanced in the media already and has been used for most of my life, but it is way more sophisticated today. The get inside the mind of the people is a must have tool to control the population and it is like taking candy from a baby.

Not many will protest this because they are too deep under the influence of their controllers. You need to have a very strong determination to resist this. But the elections that is a whole new ball game and I doubt very much if this can be stopped.