Tuesday 29 December 2020

Tarot card of the month: January 2021, Five of Pentacles

Rejection, Hardship, Poverty, Ill health
dates covered by this card are 21 to 30 April
Autumn in southern Hemisphere Spring in Northern Hemisphere 

 Not a happy card for the start of a new year. But it does show recovery in health. Not straight away but gradual. This card also covers us in financial matters. This is a real woe is me card for all of us, not good but it is not permanent.

In health matters this card says recovery from  ill health  (the world situation right now) so just hang in there folks we will overcome this.  My predictions for the world said we are in for a crap year as well, and most of us know this is just the way it is. We have to bear with it and we will get through this. Nothing lasts for ever. This world works in cycles and cycles within cycles, so go with the flow, change will come.

Be ware of young and irresponsible people, public drunken behaviour, arrests and embarrassment will be at the forefront in January, as the silly season goes on. 

Now is the time to restrain your spending as we get deeper into the depression and cut backs on welfare payments start to bite. Stop the take away food binge and cook cheap and healthy food at home. Gee, there is nothing wrong with mince with rice or pasta and vegies. People had less during the war years so learn to make do or you will be sorry. 

Slow down on the alcohol please and be mindful of accidents and fires. They could be linked in some cases so be cautious. Mindfulness is best to prevent disasters. Might be best staying in bed with a good book and the cat, lol. 

Key words are, Hardship, Recovery and Poverty