Wednesday 16 December 2020

ABE NEWS: YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive crash for thousands of users

I didn’t have the time to notice this, lol. I wonder if they were hacked by the usual suspects 🤔 if that is the case then they are idiots and should have better protection against this ever happening. 

I do not think it is a good idea to have your lights or household appliances etc hooked up to the internet. That is a recipe for disaster, think about it. What happens if you are affected for a day or two?  I would never rely on smart technology. I don’t actually like it, having grown up without it even existing and can see the disadvantages if there are power outages or being hacked.

It’s just the same as people that don’t understand what will go wrong moving to a cashless society, a massive recipe for disaster and no means of buy food and paying bills if the lines are down. 

What if a rouge state or terrorists crashed the internet including banking, and it is out of action for more than a day or two? People will panic and start going nuts without being able to buy anything. We saw what happened this year over toilet roll and other things. That is nothing compared to not being able to buy anything at all, if online banking went down and your card is useless until the lines are up and running. 

We still need physical currency no matter what. No one has the right to take this away from society, that is a form of draconian control. Basically someone can decide who can spend money and who can’t. 

Relying on technology is not a good thing because we already know things do go wrong. Young people need to be aware of relying on technology too much is a bad thing.