Sunday 27 December 2020

A flash of white before my eyes

 I just opened the back door, as you do, when a white flash appeared before my eyes. Ruby shot out like a champagne cork. I nearly broke my neck as she pushed past me, lol.  I was only getting my linen tablecloth off the washing line and she went zooming right past me and off to see if the possums were out yet. 

I swear she is trying to kill me 不不 no life insurance Ruby, give up. 不不 She is a typical Jack Russell as soon as she is fixated on the possums she never gives up. Possums generally are nocturnal, or night shift. Not that that stops miss Ruby. As soon as it starts to get dark in the evening,  I am vigilant because Ruby being Ruby is off to see if she can catch a possum. Silly girl, dogs can’t climb trees 不不 If they could, then dogs would come off second best to possums, as possums are very bitey bitey, scratchy scratchy.