Tuesday 29 December 2020

Milton Black, January 2021


Ah , I have been waiting for this, so glad to see Milton has posted his January 2021 predictions. I am always waiting with bated breath at his stuff. 

Notice even he is commenting on the BS called global warming. Take it as gospel, if Milton say something. He knows his stuff alright, and has decades of work to back what he says. Please keep a copy of Milton’s article, because you may want to use it at some point if discussing global warming. 

You can show this to those that think global warming is real, it is totally false as I have said in the past, though  not being an astrologer myself, I go by feeling  (Clairsentience, claircognisance and clairvoyance ) as I read the cards. So I don’t have the information that Milton has as an astrologer to calculate these things. 

His work will stand up to science also as astrology is a bona fide science thousands of years old and was always part of the sciences. Much respect to him!