Friday 18 December 2020

Kangaroos communicate with humans after all.

 It’s called psychic abilities folks, animals communicate using other senses like psychic people do. They are all sentient beings, humans are just ignorant and arrogant. Put it this way when I communicate with humans or animals in spirit it is mind to mind communication. People in spirit for example do not move their lips, it isn’t necessary. Everything in the non physical world works by thought.

Animals are no different whether in the temporal world or the spirit world. I should know, I live with them,  I feel and know their feelings. I do not pretend to be an expert on this, I am far from it, but I do  communicate with animals. They use mental images and emotions as in Clairsentient and Clairempathy to communicate with me, no matter whither they are in spirit or in the temporal world. 

Example, if one of my dogs is at the back door, I get a mental image telling me to let them in. I go to the door and there they are. I could be in the laundry or doing something at the other end of the house and I get the psychic impression telling me the dog wants in, or the dog wants out. Or my dog is wanting a treat, I get the image in my mind of what they want. I could be reading at the time and get interrupted with the message. I have been out shopping or at someone’s house and one of my cats would pop into my mind, usually Garfield and that was him saying mum come home I miss you. As soon as I got home he would be all over me. 

Cats are more  intuitive than dogs, but it makes no difference to me. I am sure love has a lot to do with this too. A person that is not an animal person would not be as receptive, and especially if they have no psychic abilities. I get magpies come to me in my garden too that communicate, very briefly though and our resident black bird, though the black bird is quite timid. 

One particular magpie years ago used to visit my back door and ask for my cat Tolstoy to come out. It was sad the day after Tolstoy died and his magpie friend was sad because Tolstoy wasn’t there any more. I felt so sorry for the old magpie as his time was up too. Tolly and his magpie friend would sit side by side on the doorstep and it was wonderful to watch. You could feel the love,  but there was a sharing of wisdom going on. I could feel it. It was an amazing sight to behold, it was very deep and they both knew their time was up. It was very important for Tolly and his friend to have that time together. I was privileged to witness and feel their bond.

Never underestimate animals or birds, just because they don’t speak like us, don’t assume they are stupid or lack the ability to love, feel and communicate, they are all sentient beings, they feel much more than you realise and are loyal. I would happily live with wild or domestic animals than most humans any day. 

Animals know who likes them and who doesn’t also. An animal in crisis will make itself understood, it is up to the human to be receptive. Humans have generally lost their feel of the natural world in the past 100 plus years, to their determinant. The moment you separate from nature you fail.