Wednesday 16 December 2020

Wes Penre: A video channel worth watching

This came in a newsletter email today. I am only just watching it tonight.

This is not for the spirituality asleep brigade nor the new age brigade, they have backed the wrong horse and cannot change. 

I still caution keep one’s guard up. This entire universe is an augmented reality and evil, just look at who created it, the demiurge. Actually the demiurge supposedly cannot create he can only copy or replicate. We don’t even know about other universes, but I would hazard a guess and say same deal there. Trust nothing but your higher self. But what our mind creates we end up in, so we must practice getting it right, no time to be fearful either. Understand this, no other being has the right to judge us. They have their faults and secrets, they can trick, deceive and manipulate us, make no mistake about that! Our spirit was pure and had gnosis and then came here. We have to remember who and what we are, the rest will come.

Be careful of the thoughts that you hold and beliefs, they can be one’s undoing even accidentally. Everything is created from thought and I mean literally everything. First there is thought or spirit, then it becomes physical or manifest.

You need a strong spiritual faith in yourself for starters or you will go nowhere. You must know deep within yourself when your time has come to awaken spiritually and know almost everything on this earth is a lie or manipulated information. True spirituality does not exist in the third to the seventh dimensions, the reason for that is they are artificial or augmented realities created by the demiurge. No matter what you hear to the contrary. An awakened soul feels this very deep within. You do not have to be well educated to understand or know this. This has nothing to do with being intelligent, educated or anything like that. This is a true spiritual knowing, no if’s or but’s. 

As I have said in the past, I have been aware since the age of nine, that this is my last life time here. I at the time, experienced being outside of time when this spiritual  epiphany came to me. I have had several of these moments of being outside of time throughout my life. One just knows when these things happen that it is from a pure source. I am also very aware of going within to exit this reality. 

Yesterday before doing a reading I did an alternate way of gold lighting myself, going with in. Lo and behold I heard a male voice yell NO. I ignored this voice and continued, The connection with mediumship  was so good and clear when I read for my client, and I am going to stick with it. 

This world is not what people think it is, and most people don’t like and don’t want the truth. It is as simple as that. So be it, but eventually they will not have a choice when this programme ends and there is a forced wake up. But that could be a thousand years away, who knows,  in the meantime they will just keep doing Groundhog Day. You have to ask what is wrong with people that refuse to awaken. It is a spiritual form of domestic violence that they keep reliving  temporally (physically) and spiritually, a spiritual Stockholm syndrome. 

No psychic, clairvoyant, astrologer or anyone can tell us when this augmented reality that we think of as our world will end. None of us are privy to that information, and I mean no one, other that an individual soul awakening and knowing their  reincarnation is finishing. That is absolutely impossible, we are prevented from knowing this. We are also prevented from knowing much about the spirit world and god. There is a reason for that and most humans do not want to know the truth if that either. 

Spiritually speaking most humans are programmed by rote by religion and peers as to what to believe and especially with regards to religion. Religion and spirituality are NOT the same and are incompatible, religion suppresses spirit. Also in the spirit world there is no such thing as religion. I know because I have had so many people come through and tell loved ones. I have had a relative in spirit that was a devout Jehovah witness come through and the first thing he said to me was He was wrong. I understood immediately what he was referring to. 

But even if I warned relatives and friends when they were alive they wouldn’t believe me, and I have tried with a couple of friends to teach them, only to be shut down. They can’t break out of their programming, due to factors such as, the astrological programming of an individual, their environment growing up, religious beliefs and it takes courage and determination, not to mention being spiritually awake and receptive.

Hell, my mum thought she was “ all that “ spiritually and a walking encyclopaedia on everything. She told me I am not ready for spiritual wisdom and all the other shit when I was about 29, lol. But guess who is in the soul trap now. Knowing everything and all! 

This is why most of my life I have worked hard on keeping myself honest, spiritually clean and connected to pure spirit and nothing else. It is not an easy life, no walk in the park. But I can hold my head up and know damn well I have lived an honest life and spiritually clean and will never waver from my path. It is all about choice and courage.