Monday, 20 April 2020

Tarot card of the month: May 2020, Five of Swords

Ass kicking time, looks like this will be a month of action.
Keeping this as a basic no frills card of the month at present. 
Times are changing and the clouds are dissipating, no it is not all over yet, but it is the start of the end 
of the pesky COVID 19. Hang in there a bit longer peeps. This is us starting to flatten the curve so to speak, so yes this is good, but we have a little bit longer yet.

Changes are afoot here and some of this is on a financial level. There is not much we can do though but try our best to ride it out. Which can be rather difficult for some individuals 
depending on the welfare system of their country. As I have said in the 2020 predictions we are heading into bad times. It creeps in slowly as it affects some people but not everyone.
Some much more so than others.

The man depicted in the card holding three swords is standing tall and looking smug and self righteous.  Not a wise thing he is armed to the teeth to take on his enemies and perhaps COVID 19.
The hair colour reminds me of President Trump as does the self righteous smugness. This is not a good look, not a wise thing to do. He maybe in the right but it depends on how he handles the situation that matters. I do see things going on behind the scenes that we the public are not aware of.
He is gunning to take down two male people. I do not like the look of this. I do feel it will take a couple of months before we see the bigger picture of what is going on.

Meanwhile in Australia for May the weather is cooling down, we are heading into flu season now and we will be hunkering down for that, much as people want to get back to normal, it is best to just chill
a little bit longer. I do see people starting to make home made soup and becoming quite inventive. Lovely, winter soups are a good healthy and cheap meal for families. 
I feel we will see many young people dabbling in the kitchen and combining  a mix various ethnic flavours and coming up with a winner, with  new twists on traditional home cooking. 
With any luck we may have new budding chefs coming out of this, how lovely.

I hear the words "facts laid bare on the table", as I study the little man on the card holding three swords. Notice his right hand gripping the sword, he is itching for a fight, but the advice would be, hold your horses and 
don't start what you can't finish. I feel this could relate to Mr Trump as well as regular people. Emotions are quite high right now so we need to stay cool and also think of others in these very difficult times.
  Pause and reflect on the issue before reacting, get facts right rather than having egg on your face. Hmmm I think there is a lesson for all of us there boys and girls, lol.