Friday 10 April 2020


He is right I have many friends that are researching this for themselves. While the average person
doesn't know or doesn't want to know the truth. It is flaming obvious.

Keep an open mind on this and as I have said in many posts there is no law against obscuring cosmic law. They are telling us in a veiled way. It is up to us to stay fixed on the game.

You snooze you lose, simple!

Sign up with Wes for emails. Now while I post his stuff, I do not accept everything. I just want people to think outside the box. You only get one chance now because this is the big game changer. How it pans out is anyone's guess.

No psychics do not get told everything, but we feel things and know when something is not right. We are not god, we are not privy to everything. There is a barrier between this world and the other side. We are only given so much and remember the future is not set in stone, there are always variables even among the negative stuff there are variables. We have no control over this, none of us do.

For example as something I have long suspected about the spirit world, two days ago during a Skype reading a young man came through in spirit. He said he is prevented from saying too much. He had other beings near him watching him. I could feel their presence and it made me think back to being 3 years old and my great grand mother coming to see me in spirit. There were two beings either side of her guarding her. I got the same feeling then, she was to watch what she said. That feeling has never left me.

No the spirit world is not what we think it is, those in spirit are not free and neither are we. Don't forget that! This is all a closed unit and any researcher in this area should be fully aware of this fact or they are not doing the research properly, or misunderstand what they come across.

Of course Trump will do this, this is the reason he is there. Ka ching, he is a 33rd degree Freemason for heavens sake, you don't get any more satanic than that. The west are in bed with China and trying to play dumb. It makes no difference in the long run though because Joe Public is owned, hook line and sinker. You have no say in all of this really.