Saturday 18 April 2020

Garden time

While the lockdown is going on I do not intend to get bogged down in the whole drama. I am simply just doing things at home that need done and actually having a very peaceful time.

I am spending  time in the garden getting it cleaned up for winter. It is wonderful just touching base with nature and enjoying the energy outdoors. The birds are singing and the weather is perfect right now lovely and warm during the day. The last flush of roses is taking place at present.

So many Of my roses didn’t do well in stone pots over the 45  degree heat and so some went to the tip and the rest are being planted in the ground. Hubby has been amazing with what he has done so far, he does the important stuff and I tag along, lol. I lack the muscle power to do the hard work.

One thing I have learned is the downside of growing ivy over the past few years, hmmm it took off and got way out of control. So now it is  bye bye ivy unless you stay in a hanging basket. I do love ivy but it is just so invasive. The honeysuckle is gone too, having a rambling garden when you are young is one thing, but getting older well that’s just asking for trouble lol.

So simple easy care is the go, it has just taken a while to get the time for both of us to tackle the garden.  I dream of just being able to sit in the garden with nothing to do except enjoy it. It still seems just a pipe dream. But getting out doors is still nice, and I can still lose track of time being there even if it’s just a few minutes. It’s the joy and that feeling when outdoors that I love.

It is hard to believe that just months ago we were in the middle of a bushfire with thick smoke around us. My garden was all dried up and almost dead. Now it is lovely and green after we have had rain over the past eight weeks or so.

So I am very much a happy camper 😀