Saturday 25 April 2020

ANZAC Day April 25th 2020

Above is the link to the dawn service at the Canberra Australian War Memorial.

2020 is the first time in Australian history that we have been unable to hold our regular services du to COVID 19. I pray we never have to go through this again. Sadly for me I am unable to even see my father who was a service man. He lives several hours away and his nursing home has been in lockdown for two months. I did phone him today, but I miss being able to drive up to see him.

Before I can even do that, I must have a flu shot or I will not be allowed to see him. He is the last living  of my children's   grandparents and we are afraid of losing him.

I take today to thank both grandfathers for their service along with millions that gave their lives for all of  us world wide including current serving members. Let us also pause to remember all of the animals in war for their courage and service too.