Tuesday, 18 October 2016

My Reading on Donald Trump

OK just a heads up. I have no interest in politics per say. I have been asked about my vibes on who would win the US elections.

Intuitively I can say Trump does not stand a snow balls chance in hell of winning, nor is he even meant to win. Hillary Clinton will be President.

Now for the reading here is what I have come up with, as I said I have no real interest in politics it is a very dark energy and best avoided.

Tump is no ones fool , never was and never has been, ok. He is a man of the world, I see a taste for Art and philanthropy.

I see him entering an agreement with this election campaign short term. He has no real interest in being president, just as many already suspect. It is a dog and pony show. Yes there will be his crushing defeat. That was the plan from the get go.

He loves the limelight, however he struggles with credibility due to his tactics. I do not think this phases him though. He is only playing a role and he knows the score. Constantly undermined by Hillary Clinton, but  it's just business, nothing more.

Trump is being watched from the side-lines by a very powerful man, to make sure he does hold up his end of the bargain. Trump does have a terrible habit of putting his foot in it, this could be why the powerful man in the background is keeping a watchful eye on him.
Rest assured he will be rewarded for his participation in this dog and pony show.

Trump has put himself out on a limb here, so much ridicule and dirty tricks, but he is ok with that. He will do the face saving tour of the chat shows after the whole sham, is over. He is very angry about something and this could be a personal attack on his family where his opponent oversteps the line.

I see phone calls  going on in the back ground between him and his opposition , all laughing and joking very friendly like. This whole thing feels very dark and I do not like what I see and feel.
Trump needs to keep his wits about him this is the final stretch now and I feel an other dirty trick is still to come. But hey he is a big boy and can deal with it. I feel the dirty trick is from Hillary just to show him who is boss and it ain't him.

No way will he ever have the power that Hillary Clinton wields,  and he knows it. He is her pawn.
The balance of power is now slipping away from Donald Trump as the stage is now set for Hillary's victory.

I will leave this now on a final note. I believe the very powerful man is none other than George H W Bush. I keep seeing his face flash in my mind as I am doing the reading. So there you have it folks , and just like most people already know.

Just for the record I had said way back when Obama was running for office , Hillary would be President. My timing was out but she will be president one way or an other.


Copyright Alex Fulford 18th October 2016