Monday 17 October 2016

DNA Ancestry is it a scam? Yes!

I have always been intuitively wary of these tests. Today I had a quick look at something on Facebook about "Ancestry DNA researching" As soon as I watched the first few minutes I was well aware this was not what people think it is. It is in fact a scam. My first observation was the people tracing their DNA were actors and the people interviewing them are obviously actors as well, no surprise here all adverts have actors in them don't they?

As usual, the guilt card was played with racism being the tool, but looking deeper in to the subject, all is definitely not what it seems to be. One DNA collecting agency has already been caught out selling the DNA information in the US and Police are subpoenaing records in the hope of matching past crimes.  As companies that hold the DNA information change hands, the chances of the data falling into unscrupulous hands increases.

Please do not give these people your hard earned money and more importantly you genetic identity. Think of whose hands your personal information can land in and to what purpose. Once it’s out there, you can’t get it back.

This is a dark agenda, a sinister trick on humanity. Anyone who is awake is probably thinking along the same lines as me - Singularity. This must be done in increments for it to be effective, and for the masses to be unaware of what is going on. Now with cosmic law, what is being planned here has to be revealed to us in order to keep within the bounds of that law, and these people are experts at cosmic law. There is also nothing to stop the powers that be from obscuring what they are saying, and in fact this practice has gone on for a very long time.

They are telling us what the plan is, but it is in coded fashion as per usual. Each member that is involved in this agenda only knows their part of the jigsaw in order for plausible denial to be effective. The first step is to get humanity to all come together as "ONE".  One race, one religion, one government , one economy (electronic of course), One gender/androgyny. This is the current phase that is targeting children and young people at present.

Unity is the goal of singularity not for peace, but for control! The next wave is to introduce more technology to humanity and make them increasingly dependent on this technology. You cannot interact with government agencies such as Taxation or Social Security without technology these days. This is removal of choice. Sure the elderly and the disabled are partially excused, but not everyone else. Now the banks are also doing this and closing down branches everywhere, as less  staff are required.

It is true, they need your consent, but the majority of people are not fully aware that they are already giving their consent to these plans and never will be. By the way, your silence is considered implied consent. For example when the government does something that many people don't agree with but everyone stays silent? That’s implied consent. By not saying NO, this gives them the right to implement their plans. You really need to understand this fact. Remember it is not for your benefit that this is being done and many people are writing about this issue, it is time to pay attention to what is being said and decided upon.

You will also find information on You Tube regarding the plans to implement singularity. Now when reading up on this sort of information, there is a lot of fear mongering rubbish on the internet, by very questionable people. Your " Truth Seeker" websites are rife with it. I am in no way against truth seekers, most are quite aware of what is happening, however there are paid shills that will pen articles to mislead the readers. Working out who's who in the zoo though can be very difficult.

The ones that tend to be more credible seem to be John Lamb Lash, Wes Penre and Michael Tsarion and perhaps Credo Mutwa. They also mention some very good researchers on Singularity.

Singularity for those that aren't aware, is actually all about humans being implanted with electronic body parts that are wired up to your brain, in short you are no longer human. You become a Cybernetic organism (Cyborg). So where does that leave your soul, the very essence that makes you, you?   This is a very frightening scenario that even some in the mainstream media are discussing, but they still do not fully grasp the spiritual aspect that is a big mistake.

The above link is already on my blog, but I am re-posting the link with this article for you to download and read. This is vital information and time is of the essence. Take this on board and make the time to think on it and observe for yourself. It is up to each individual to be their own saviour. There is no real saviour that will come and save you, other than your higher self, which is the true aspect of who you really are.

That beautiful divine being is who you truly are, your spirituality and humanity is incomparable to anything else in this universe. We must protect our spirituality and our true divinity or it will be taken from us. We do not merge to become one with anything as per New Age teaching, that is singularity, a hive mind from which there is no going back. We as individual spiritual beings, when connected with our higher self are one and that is the only way we are truly meant to be.

New age teachings are Luciferin in nature using various false teachings and disguises. It does not serve your best interests. It is all about Lucifer the light bearer. When you think of dying and going to the light, that is still Lucifer's light and is the trap that keeps us reincarnating until we are advanced enough to know how to avoid it and say no.

Sadly time is running out for humanity and this current epoch is about harvesting souls. Many will not return to earth but will be sent elsewhere. This is not a good thing, and is a manipulation of our rights. Those that return will never leave once the singularity kicks in by the 2020s or early 2030s. So in order to be free of this we need to be better informed. Truth though is a very tricky thing to find on Earth as it is locked into the third dimension, which is a negative vibrational frequency. I leave it to the readers to research and find their own truths. Never rely on one source of knowledge that will not assist you in finding the necessary information that you seek. As a final comment, think of all the Sci-Fi shows that we watch from Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate and many of the big films around similar themes such as Avatar, each has a thread of truth in them. One just needs to read between the lines on these shows to find clues.

One also needs to read up on occult symbolism because it is all through our culture worldwide telling us valuable information. Everything from buildings to pictures in museums, there is a vast coded language for us to learn including mythology. Never before in modern history have we had such an opportunity for knowledge that has been hidden from us and with the internet we can find so much to join together many of the pieces of the puzzle.

Copyright 17th October 2016  Alex Fulford