Wednesday, 13 May 2015

This mornings word is Empowerment.

As I was getting ready to go on air this morning, like most Wednesday mornings I was wondering what to open with. You know, you get out of bed with a million things going through your mind. Suddenly thinking,  gee what will I start the show off with. The first 5 minutes is required for the producer to get the phone calls queued.

Thanks to Spirit I was in good hands, as I sat down to the computer and started shuffling the cards the word empowerment came to my ear. I lay out the cards and then picked up my pen and out came the words.

The gift of life is a powerful one, it has to be embraced. No right, no wrong, just live with honesty, integrity, pride and believe in yourself. Live life with integrity, honesty and compassion.
Too few live this way, be a way shower.

Simple but strong empowering words.