Friday, 15 May 2015

Grace: The new book by Jan Reid

Grace, is the second book by Australian author Jan Reid. I am in the middle of reading this book, and enjoy it very much. It is just so down to earth Australian lifestyle of the 1980's in the bush. Those were good years for many. Life was much simpler than it is today.

Follow Graces story from where things leave off in Deep Water Tears, which is book one of a trio, I can't wait for book three to come out. This is a very much an Australian love story of modern times. It is a riveting read and takes you on a wonderful mental trip into the beautiful Australian countryside. Jan has  a firm grasp of the written word, as she describes the bush and all of its magic. I can smell the gum leaves and the Eucalypts as I read the book. I also think young women will find this a fantastic coming of age romance for this generation. Jan is a true romantic at heart and it comes out very strongly in her lovely heart warming novels. I am telling every one that I meet about her books and what a lovely lady she is.

I pray that there will be many years of wonderful Australian stories to come from Jan. As she has new experiences that are rich  life's wonderful journey  with all  those that she encounters in her travels.

 People that live in Australia can obtain a signed copy of Jan's book by going  on to her Facebook page or by going on to eBay Australia and typing in bookaholic. You will see a picture of  the book cover and then over on the right hand side at the top you will see the word in astriscs *bookaholic* so then you know you are on Jan's page and not some one else's page that is selling it at a much higher price.