Wednesday 10 June 2015

Alien Species in Contact with Humanity (read predators)

This is a pile of #### there are no benevolent beings wanting to make contact. If you are reading my blog then you should be well aware of that fact. I take the time to find out the right information as best as I can, to share, if in doubt I do not post. This link was sent to me for a comment today. As soon as I started reading it alarm bells rang.

These beings are part of the Sirian/Annunaki henchmen, there are many races involved and they are only out to get what they want. We did not make any agreement with these beings, and even if some individuals had done so, they would have been doing so under duress or manipulation. Big no no, and this is where karma kicks in. These contracts can be cancelled by the individual at any time I suggest you read the web sites and blogs of  Wes Penre, John Lamb Lash, Cameron Day and go on to their You Tube videos to learn the truth.

One thing I strongly advise is DO NOT channel these ET's, Angels, Ascended masters, you are making a grave mistake. I know people that have done so and their lives have been turned upside down. Stay away from these beings.

Our world leaders know who and what these beings are and as part of signing off on the TTP with other beings, the governments of the world look the other way when ET's abduct humans and other beings. Do your home work it isn't hard folks. You and your loved ones have to live with the result of your actions, remember that. No ifs or buts, that is fact. I do not have time to white wash this information, and nor do I think it should be white washed as that sends the wrong message.

This website is  sending out a very misleading message, no doubt un-intentionally. Don't Go There!

It has been said, benevolent beings will come when we as a species ask them to come, but we must already declare our human sovereignty first and fight the " System" that is in place on this earth for over a millennia. One must be aware of the root cause before you can destroy it. The sooner humanity understands what human sovereignty is on a world wide scale and states its ownership of the said human sovereignty and planet, then we can take the correct action.

From what I observe this is not going to happen any time soon. The reason being, people are in denial and too dumbed down to care, let alone man-up and stop the Bankers, the NWO/Vatican etc from killing and using the people of this world to fight illegal wars on other nations, violating their human rights. The masses don't even know the truth of why the wars are happening but are dumb and egotistical enough to do the dirty work for these Satanic psychopaths.

Ask yourself who is right at the top of the dung heap in all of this and why, then ask what should we do about it? Time is short and failure to take a stand against evil means that many will come back to this earth and live with what was allowed to happen. Simple rule of Karma.

America is starting to live the collective karma as I write this. You want to know why?? Because the masses avoided standing up to the politicians and corruption. Many young men and women would not be dead or be multiple amputees if the masses were not so selfish. Look at the homelessness too, because the masses do nothing. That is greed and service to self mentality. A price must be paid for that and that price is very painful, I would not wish this on any one. People have brought it on themselves by giving away their personal power as if it is worthless. Until one loses their freedom and everything that they hold dear then they wont understand. This is due to arrogance and ignorance. Stand in your spiritual power and you will have a better world.

What about the parents that do not talk their under 21 year olds' out of joining the illegal wars? Not old enough to drink alcohol in the US but hey you can pick up a gun for the Banker/Zionist controlled government and kill someone in their own homeland. Vietnam was bad and peoples are so quick to forget that horrible  war and the suffering of millions, and let their kids suffer similar in the middle east,that is deplorable.

Like I say America is now starting to reap the collective Karma. I have said 10 years ago or more that the US will be in isolation for many years due to conflict on its soil. I just pray that I am wrong.