Thursday 18 June 2015

Vetpay Service

VetPay specialises in offering payment solutions to Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals throughout Australia, making veterinary care more affordable for pet owners.
It’s not just about finance, our dedicated team understands animal care with both the pet owner and the vet in mind. Quite often we talk to pet owners prior to them visiting the vet, enabling us to determine an affordable and convenient payment plan should the need arise for future treatment.

I did not know this service was available. Someone on Facebook just told me so I am sharing it will my readers. I always think about the people with fur babies that do not have the money for vet bills and thought something needed to be done. It is hard enough surviving and going to our human doctors when sick especially if you have a family sick with the flu or something.

So it is heart warming to know this service is available here in Australia. I hope there is something in other countries to help others, if not it needs to be started up.