Thursday, 12 March 2015

Alex's Radio show from 3rd March 2015

Better late than never folks this is last weeks show just made available to the public.
Please remember that I am new to live radio and I am used to being interviewed only.
For someone to suddenly be hosting a show live on their own it is a very daunting task.
I will be more polished as time goes on. Also this is a very small time frame to work with.
This weeks show on 11th March was different again and I had spirit with me.

Time went by so quickly and I ran out of air time. You will notice this when the post is available.
Please remember to keep to the time frame if you call me.Other callers have to have their reading and we must stick to time frames. To keep on the line for a long period of time stops the other callers that
might be desperately in need of help or advice. So please be mindful of the many callers to the radio show, not just for me but for everyone. That way everyone gets something nice.

Thank you so much for understanding. Service to humanity(and the animals) is a vital service and must be shared evenly.

Love Alex XXX