Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Alex says, thank you!

Greetings Possums!

Well after doing my readings on A1R Psychic radio, I have to say thank you to the callers for giving me the wonderful privilege of conducting a reading for you. I wish you all love, happiness, abundance and joy in your lives in all areas of your lives.

I wish to extend my gratitude to all of those that listened in to the show live, and to all that made the behind the scenes work, that went into making the show happen. Not forgetting the Spirit beings that make the whole event possible. Yes, I do get stuck into spirit from time to time, when I feel they are not holding up their end of the deal. But they did come through with the goods tonight. Thank you Spirit.

I wish to also say, that it is Spirit that make the clairvoyant, and not the other way around. I am only a team member and I was sent down here in to the physical world to do my end of the deal, (just holding the tail, LOL) There are many involved in the spirit world that bring all of this about.

Please remember that the person that functions in this role is not any better a person than the rest of humanity as a whole. Just a humble soul, that is here to be the link between the two worlds. We are not to be looked up to, or put on a pedestal. We are just the same as everyone else, we have our faults and we have our good qualities too. We do have problems in our own lives just like every one else does. So please do not idolise, worship or think that just because I or any other person has an ability like this are anything special. We are not, and we should not be treated any better or any worse than the rest of humanity. Respect and dignity is for everyone. 

I try to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground every single day of my life. If I got too big for my boots, then Spirit would bring me back down to reality with a bump. Rest assured they can do that.
I have been through some terrible tests by spirit and close to breaking point many a time. This is spirits way of testing to see if the individual has what it takes to walk the spiritual path. It is a hard one that not many are willing to do. But I just keep on going, because that is who I am.

Service to spirit is my life's work, I know there is no other way for me. That does not mean that I am to be taken advantage of either. I am a strong person and know my worth. I would not have come through times of great suffering and hell, to be here right now other wise. I work with great respect and dignity with Spirit and those that are in need of my assistance. I can also tell you right now that I am being tested right now, I am going through personal stuff that would destroy many people. But I have to keep a smile on my face for the public. My life is in  no way one that should be envied I can assure you.

Warm Hugs Love Peace and Light to all of you