Monday, 3 November 2014

Words and pictures Oh my!

Well how is this for strange. This afternoon I am resting on my bed with a sore neck.
I figured I will read for a little while. Just as I got comfortable, I hear a mans voice saying "Broken Arrow" over and over. Then I saw army flashes/patches. The colours were maroon and light blue.

I had seen these colours before on a British soldier in spirit, from a vision that I had weeks ago. One of my sons told me these flashes are the British army's paratrooper regiment, the pathfinders.

The maroon and light blue square one is what I saw. I know that Broken Arrow is a term used for a downed Nuke. But I have no idea what this is about. Spirit just need to either dumb it down for me or quit beating about the bush and come straight to the point. I am not one for mind games.

So like the rest of you, I have to sit back and see what comes up. Time is an other issue. I predicted the passing of Australian former Prime minister  Gough Whitlam last year. It was published in the Australian Psychics directory. That was 12 months out of synch. So your guess is as good as mine folks.