Saturday 18 January 2014

Do not walk your dog during the Summer on hot conrete of Asphalt

Where is the justification for walking your dog in the heat? If the ground is too hot to stand on in bare feet, think of your dogs. This is a bloody selfish and thoughtless act. If you put your dogs in this situation, then you are not mentally fit to have a dog!

I see so many idiots walking their dogs in the summer after 9am and before7pm. Wake up to yourselves people. The dog has no voice to tell you, he or she does not want to go out for a walk in the heat. You are supposed to have the brains to know, that the heat is too much for the dog and the ground will be quite hot. I am sick of seeing people also taking small children out with the dog and no sun hat  on and no water bottles for the children or a bottle of water for the dog either.

Society has been dumbed down to such a level that no one seems to stop and think of this. Do you know how long it takes for a child or a dog to suffer from heat stroke? Do you know neither can regulate their body temperature?   If you don't know these things then you shouldn't have children or a dog. So far this summer 11 people have been charged with leaving children in locked cars, in the Australian state of Victoria. What is wrong with people? Common sense seems to be lacking in the world today.  To me it seems like we are living in a world where no one can seem to think a rational simple thought. They only see the results of their actions after some tragedy has happened.

Things happen because of ignorance, gross neglect and stupidity. So take your pick people what category do you fall into. Many dogs and cats are also left outside, without proper shade and adequate cold water to drink. I honestly wonder what the RSPCA are thinking when they don't come down hard on these people.

My dog is not in the car in the hot weather, she only goes in the car in cool weather, other that a 5 min trip to the vet, to have her claws clipped. I take her in the early morning and back home straight away.  I have bowls of water in the garden and bowls of water in the house. 5 fur babies go through a lot of water.  I have fans going constantly and my air con, but the 40 degree heat is making an impact on the air con this week. I do realise that many people can not afford to have air con, Fans are always available. If you can afford beer and cigarettes, then you can afford to buy some fans for your house.

Smoking and drinking alcohol is a luxury not a right. How about not buying them for a few weeks so that you can buy fans to keep the house cool?  Only a selfish person would not do this.  There are many people like this out there in this pathetic world of ours. it is high time they were brought to justice. Over the past 2 years on Facebook I have noticed the terribly high amount of animal abuse too. Society is on the verge of collapse when things like this occur constantly. It is deeply disturbing and is a sure sign that some thing is very wrong on this earth.


It seems there was a lot more reports see the link above.  NOT HAPPY JAN...NOT HAPPY!