Sunday 26 January 2014

Palm Reading of Alex Fulford Clairvoyant-Medium, by T Stokes.

Here is a lovely palm reading from my friend, T Stokes in England. I can tell you, he is right on the money with this reading too. For example the loss that I suffered at the age of 28 was my paternal grandmother, I was very close to her. At age 6 my maternal grand father died, I was able to see him in spirit soon after he died. I was indeed born premature. I was due on 6th October, but me being me, lol, I arrived early on 24th September.

 I can confirm I do love books and read all sorts of  things. I have a good book collection. I have a deep love of knowledge, history especially.


The start to the lifeline never shows clearly on a handprint, so knowing the Date Of Birth always helps,and Alex birth was not the smoothest either for her of her mother, and from an early age Alex often felt she was the mother and her mother was the child, this often happens with those spiritually cognisant of why they are here, because of an ancient sense of responsibility, experts tell us the child is born when the planetary conditions outside coincide with those of the world within, but nowadays conveyor belt birthing is the cause of much early trauma.

Alex was born with blue lips and could have been premature, and she was probably not aware but she was born with a heart defect, a small hole in the heart, this often repairs itself as the child grows and this appears to be the case as no sign of it now shows, but this would explain why she was no good at sport at school and so she developed other skills, children who are different are always singled out for bullying and this was indeed the case and I would highlight this at 10-11 years of age.

She did have some Arial Fibrillation which is not uncommon and its an irregular heartbeat which shows it will clear in time.
Alex was not a happy child Henry Thoreau "if a man loses pace with his companions, it's because he hears a different drummer "
and Alex always marched to a far away drum that her classmates did not hear.
Age 6 shows an awakening a kind of early psychic experience which set the pace for Alex's developing personality.

Early teens shows Alex developing a very headstrong attitude, and from this time she has not been one to tolerate wingers, time wasters cranks or sceptics.

Age 13 shows her first crush and maybe her first kiss, psychologically the first kiss can stamp our personality

with how we connect to others in deep meaningful ways, and this first connect should always be gentle and positive, but is not always so. At this time she shows an aptitude for practical things such as science and history and English languages in fact the urge to communicate will be with her for life, she could be a collector of books, a Bibliophile, or maybe a hoarder of knowledge's.

Age just immediately prior to her 16th birthday she experiences real love for the first time, the month of June is important here.

Age 21 show a tremor in her emotional landscape, Alex head rules her heart, which means unlike most women who like a good looking or well presented man she looks for intellectual compatibility and the ability to share from the head, so sense of humour would be important as is his mental outlook.

Her emotional needs would be from her man, Maturity Stability and Security and she could not get these from a younger man, so although the trend now among women is for toy boys she would need an older man, and in the USA there is much argument by the feminist psychologists at present over whether women should choose their partners from friends or not, but Alex 100% would have to start from a friendship in any relationship she had, husband boyfriend lover etc would all have to be based on friendship.

She has a fear of being poor so the ability to pay bills is vital for her inner landscape.

Age 24 shows a time where of the 4 kinds of karma, Prarabdha karma is heavily at play here, this is the fruit from seeds planted long ago now bearing fruit, once the seed is planted there is no escape from the fruit it bears, and I would have advised Alex to marry in this year, February is marked for movement and I would have suggested this month for any decision making.

Age 28-29 and here is a time of some sadness, a loss of some sort is indicated

Coming up to age 32-33 period where changes are indicated perhaps a change of residence career or a child perhaps, but Alex outlook changes from this period, she has an unusual fingerprint pattern which suggests digestive or gastric anomalies, so I would advise she gets an occasional check on intestinal and bowel areas to play safe, and to add turmeric to her diet.

Age 41 and here we see an easing up of past thought patterns, no longer does she distrust her emotional arenas, but becomes a lot more balanced, Carl Jung the great psychologist spoke much on the battle between heart and head or Thinking versus feeling, and here we see Alex becoming much more heart centred.

Many women who feel they cannot trust men turn their affection to animals, and Heni Rey the psychologist said you can gauge the depth of distrust by the number of cats a woman has, women identify particularly with cats as it's a common feline bond.

Alex hand shows she does have some anxiety and fear for the future, but she has several protective signs which mean she is covered by a kind of spiritual insurance.

Age 50 is where you are now in this period and particularly age 51 in the month of October destiny shows its face, Alex according to Hindu palmistry is here on a mission, healing shows in her hand and a good reading is always a healing, and teaching shows too, so although Alex early life show resistance to this, fate says she must teach and healing is a part of that, and her work will be known abroad, which infers some degree of fame, something which Alex has always avoided in the past.

The Destiny line is shown in a way we only ever see with people in the public eye, performers entertainers and teachers in fact anyone who has to stand up in front of an audience has this marking and hers shows its part in what she has come to do.

She is a practical minded girl but now has a much better balance in terms of heart/head, she is in good shape and has the stubbornness and temper to carry out her destiny, there is a blip at aged 56 and another change at age 60, and at this

age there is some celebration and time for putting feet up and rest.

The soul chooses the lessons to hone its vehicle for its tasks ahead, and Alex main functions are in the head chakras, e g third eye and throat, and this has made her heart centre sluggish in the past, but she has recently been doing a lot of growth in the

cardio-vascular areas and this is good for the balance of what is to come.

Suggested a daily vitamin, extra Vit C an oil of evening primrose, and use garlic and turmeric in your food.

Unfortunately, I can't work out how to add the scans of my hand prints to the item about me. Once I get help doing this I will update the post.

Found this hand scan, the original images won't go on for some reason. Not been technically savvy. I gave up trying to post the originals, lol.  BTW, when doing a print of your hands, one must shake them to clear the energy on them and leave on any rings that you wear all the time and  what ever is around your wrist if that area is copied or scanned too.